The Beta site has now closed and been removed offline.

This has been planned for some time and warnings had been posted about the closure on the site months before the site was deleted.

So What Next?

SofSo Networks the owner of will now explore as many options as possible including the possibility of uploading a new beta site with new core software, or possibly selling off the site.

Why New Core Software?

We felt that the third party core software used on the former beta site did not suit our needs. It also was too costly for us to maintain and run.

About any information held on the previous beta site:

We will take a few weeks analysing the data before all backups of the site will also be removed. The site is no longer currently online and server backups held by the data centre should be replaced with new backups in the next few days from our removal of the site. All the backups we hold will be deleted securely from our offline network. Please Note we have no control over any third party archiving services that may have archived the site during its online period. This services normally only archive publicly held material for historical recording of the Internet. So personal information should not be held by them unless the user posted it onto public areas of the site. We have no control over these services and cannot delete information they may hold.

You Can Visit SofSo Networks website at and see what other sites and services we currently run and plan to launch in the near future.